Good afternoon Mike,

We are writing to let you know how lucky we feel to have gotten a recommendation to call Old Depot Auction Company. We had never been exposed to the auction process, and we now know what a process it is. The advertising, the pre auction management of all the equipment and coordination is an extremely work intensive program. This started out as a tough time for us because of the circumstances surrounding the sale. You, Heather and your family had the understanding and compassion to help us deal with the task at hand. Your efforts brought a very large group that were exactly the clientele that this sale needed, they were looking for what we had. Your approach, with the organization, overall setup and the concession trailer turned this into more of an event for the attendees than just a sale. Your company has an honesty and integrity that truly comes from the heart. We wish you, Heather and the kids all our best.

Lou and Debby Pinckney

Mike, Corey and the rest of the family did a great job for us from start to finish. First of all, they are extremely honest. I was out of town and I gave them a key to the house and the security code so they could set things up before the sale. The advertising they did was very effective. They contacted the right people who would bid on specific items that we had. Mike is a great auctioneer. His voice is very pleasant and he throws in some jokes every now and then. They were able to create a fun atmosphere with the yellow and white circus tent outside and concession stand. People stayed all day, up to nine hours and kept bidding. We were very happy with the results. We heard comments like "this is a fun auction" and "they are so polite" Two of the dealers who go to auctions frequently said that they appreciated the way Mike and Corey always pointed any defects so that people wouldn't find problems after they won the bid and want to redo it. They also said that this was one of the best and most intense auctions they had ever been to. Thanks Olde Depot Auction Company for a job well done.

Sally Gray

Heather and Mike,

We would like to thank you for the wonderful job that you did having the Estate Sale for us. You were such a pleasure to work with and you really were very knowledgeable about the furnishings. That is a hard ordeal to go through but working with you made it much more bearable. We knew that you were people that we could trust from the moment that we met you. That is why we never were concerned about your having a key to the house.

The day of the sale was so cold and windy, but everyone seemed to be having a good time because they braved the conditions and stayed until the end. I think you were really smart to have the concession area so that people didn't leave.

Your auctioneering was fascinating. I still cannot understand anything you say when you are doing that, but everyone else did, I guess.

Thanks again for a wonderful job.

Phyllis H. McInerney

Dianne H. Wood

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